Masterchef Indonesia

Masterchef Indonesia is an amateur Indonesian competitive cooking reality show based on the original format from the Endemol Shine Group.

I directed the sub-content and planned the contestant’s creative story. I also took care of judges’ & contestants’  fashion style alongside with the wardrobe team. All of the episodes in this season achieved the highest rating in the category of Indonesian prime time television and became the number 1 trending on YouTube for weeks in Indonesia. This captivating program won two awards in 2019.

Sasuke Ninja Warrior Indonesia

Sasuke Ninja Warrior (or simply put Ninja Warrior Indonesia) is an Indonesian game show and sports entertainment competition, based on a Japanese television series Sasuke.

Similar to American Ninja Warrior, Sasuke Ninja Warrior Indonesia held try-outs and people who participate have a chance to win the prize of a large sum of money.

I sub-directed the special episode of Sasuke Ninja Warrior Indonesia International Competition. I was responsible for managing the American international team during this special episode. I also sub-directed the content and gimmicks, interviewed and produced the b-roll for my American Team. Those four episodes achieved the biggest TV ratings through-out Indonesia at the time.

Rising Star Indonesia

Rising star Indonesia is a reality singing competition of Israeli origin ( HaKokhavHaBa) that began airing on August 2018.

My main role was to carry out the pre-casting and auditions for the contestants that came from all around Indonesia. I also interview prospective contestants over the phone. Before the taped auditions began I was responsible for briefing the contestants based on the creative format. I also planned the initial concept of the opening scene (intro) also known as the Special Treatment B-roll. Once my concept was developed, I went on to direct the intro which was used during the audition stages of the program.

Indonesian Television Awards

Indonesian Television Awards is a prestigious annual live awards show for television programs in Indonesia based on opinion polls and Indonesia’s viewers top of mind answer.

I was in charge of writing the nomination scripts and creating the gimmicks for over 20 famous celebrities from Indonesia and abroad. These celebrities even included the famous South Korean boy-band member Shinee’s Mino-ho. I also briefed the scripts and the gimmicks to the celebrities before and during the program.

That year, RCTI invited Foxes (famous British singer (known for Clarity)) to perform and be our special guest.

Who’s on Top

Who’s on Top is a reality game show program based on the Israel program by Keshet International.

For this program I filtered and organized over 700 trivia questions for the game show alongside the legendary Indonesian question maker Reinhard Tawas.

I also insured all of the questions were handled with confidentiality while the show’s software was configured and setup for taping.

AMI Awards

The Anugerah Musik Indonesia (English translation: Indonesian Music Awards), also known as AMI Awards is an annual Indonesian music award ceremony to recognize outstanding achievements. As well as displaying the improving quality and quantity of artists in the mainly Indonesian-language music industry.

That year, the total nominations were 45. I was responsible for assigning seats for more than 200 nominated musicians and over 300 VIP invitations. I also insured the seating arrangements perfectly fit the shows format and ensured there was clear and concise communication with the director on the floor.

Iron Chef

Iron Chef Indonesia is a cooking competition series following the format of a Japanese show called (料理の鉄人, Ryōri no Tetsujin) originally produced by Fuji Television.

During this show I was responsible for interviewing the contestants, especially focusing on the Italian five-star Chef, Nazario Orlando. I also took part during the post production stage as a transcriber (English to Indonesian) for the International Chefs.

Indonesian Idol

Indonesian Idol is a reality television singing competition created by Simon Fuller and produced by RCTI production team and Fremantle Media Asia and began airing on March 2004. Then later became one of the most popular shows in the history of Indonesian television.

For this series I carried out the pre-casting auditions. I was very proud of the auditions as someone I auditioned and selected to continue went on to become one of the top 3 (Joanita Chatari).

RCTI 28th Anniversary Celebration

RCTI – 28th Anniversary Celebration was a special live musical, commemorating the 28th anniversary of the top Indonesian TV network, RCTI.

I worked alongside the renowned Australian multi-cam director Gary Deans to deliver the creative content from the team.

OK! Show

Ok! show is an Indonesian live talk show broadcasted by RCTI. This show runs every Monday to Friday in Indonesia.

I produced the production rundown and planned the initial content and gimmick for the show alongside with the producer & creative team.

RCTI 29 Anniversary Celebration

RCTI 29th Anniversary Celebration is a special live musical commemorating the 29th anniversary of the top Indonesian TV network, RCTI. 

I worked alongside the award winning choreographer, Mitchell Woodcock. My main role was to liaise with Mitch and coordinate the production team to aid in fullfilling the creative vision.

Jogedin Ajah

Jogedin Ajah is an amateur dancing competition program originally produced by RCTI TV. 

In this live show, I produced the creative concept for the host’s make up and wardrobe and briefed the make up and stylist team based on the moodboard I created.

Dahsyatnya TOP

Dahsyatnya TOP  is a special meet and greet live program of Indonesia’s most popular series TOP (Tukang Ojek Pengkolan). 

I created the creative gimmick alongside the team and planned and coordinated the art and property elements in the program.


LineVu (Product video)

LineVu is a robotic camera system that permanently installed on high pressure natural gas system. This product is developed by Process Vision, a tech company specialized in innovation in pipeline monitoring.

By working as a video producer in this project, I utilise my skills to develop the initial concept with the client, filming, set up on-location production including lighting and audio recording through to the post production compositing and motion graphics.

Sheiya Thorpe YouTube Channel

I manage my own YouTube channel to share my stories about UK through my Indonesian perspective. 

This channel is a platform for me to improve my skills in digital content creation, from developing the concept right through the post production stage. This platform has not only provided a place to learn but also become the place to share my hobbies in cooking, decorating and make up.

Tech Camp UK – Company Profile

Tech Camp is the first technology camp in the UK. For children that like robotics learn to do real engineering with advance projects in both software and hardware. I collaborated closely with the owner to help align the video content win the company’s distinctive identity. I produced 13 videos for the company’s marketing efforts.

Tech Camp UK – Drone Course

Tech Camp is the first technology camp in the UK. For children that like robotics learn to do real engineering with advance projects in both software and hardware. I collaborated closely with the owner to help align the video content win the company’s distinctive identity. I produced 13 videos for the company’s marketing efforts.

Miss Indonesia for Miss World

Miss World is the oldest-running international beauty pageant. It was created in the UK in 1951.

I had the amazing opportunity to create the video concept for Miss Indonesia 2018. I then went on to collaborate with the in house director at RCTI to bring the video concept to life. This video aired as the contestant’s introduction VT for Alya Nurshabrina (Miss Indonesia 2018) in the international beauty pageant Miss World.

UNJ Company Profile

UNJ ( University of Jakarta) is one of the most reputable University in Indonesia.

I worked as an assistant director to create the company’s profile and was responsible for tracking daily progress against the filming production’s schedule and coordinated with the cast and crew during the filming.


Isyarat (Omnibus Film)

Isyarat is an omnibus movie that appeared in cinemas across Indonesia. This was a multi-plot drama/thriller movie about four young people with special ability. Directed by 5 different Indonesian directors.

I was an assistant talent coordinator in this project. I worked closely with the talent coordinator to organize and conduct script readings with the main cast and coordinated with the second assistant director during the filming.

After the Rainfalls (Documentary Film)

AFTER THE RAINFALLS is a documentary film financed by the DNPI ( National Climate Change Council of Indonesia). It tells the story about how  climate change effects the people depicted in the documentary and what they are doing to protect nature.

I worked as a local production coordinator and was responsible to track the schedule, ensured projects were operating within budget and met the requirements of the crew members to ensure they could work effectively.

Dulu Banci (Short Film)

Dulu Banci was a short movie that appeared in the Malaysian equivalent to Netfilx, Iflix. This is a drama was about a guy who works as a street drag musician.

I was the second assistant director in this project. I worked closely with the first assistant director to track daily progress against the filming production schedule and coordinated with the cast and crew during the filming.

Toko Hati Kalbu (Short film)

Toko Hati kalbu was a romantic short movie. This romcom was about a girl that opened an accessories shop in the centre of Jakarta.

I was the casting director and second assistant director in this project.